Choosing Frames for Round Faces

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While there are no absolute rules as to what frames will look best for you, there are a few guidelines that your eye care provider or optician ascribe to in making suggestions.  Every person has attributes of their facial symmetry and features that can be classified into an overarching "face shape".  These categories include round, square, heart-shaped, oval, and the upside down triangle.  The most important part to remember is that these face shapes are NOT to be taken literally.  A round face doesn’t mean your face is a perfect circle.  (And obviously no one is walking around with a triangle for a face out there).  Some people may even have features that combine qualities from multiple face shapes, so it isn't a perfect science.  In the next several posts I will be breaking down the most important attributes for you.  Today it is round face day so here it goes!

Attributes of a round face are:
1. The width and the length of the face are approximately equal
2. Rounded and soft facial features (especially pay attention to the cheeks, chin, and jawline)

If you are still not certain, take a look at actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s face below.  She is a great example of a round face: softly rounded features and symmetry of her facial height and width!

Ginnifer Goodwin exemplifying the round face shape (picture from beautyriot)
So if you think you have a round (or elements of a round-esque) face, what frame shape works best for your features?  In selecting glasses, opposites really are the rule.  A round face is perfectly offset with angular or rectangular eyewear.  This frame shape adds angles and structure to complement your softer features.  Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors and patterns – a round face is the perfect canvas to show-off personal style with bright colors and architectural frames designs. Check out the rectangular frames below for some of my recommendations.
Anne Klein model  8069 -- a rectangular frame with bold zebra temple details
Geometric by Kensie has a rectangular shape with bold colors--a perfect complement to a round face

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  1. Well said, rectangular eyeglasses or angular frames is perfect for the round face. Celebrities like Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Ricci are round faced and they usually seen in angular or rectangular frames. Rectangular frames accentuate your features and add distinctive lines to your face.