TOMS: Sunglasses on a Mission for Sight

12:08 PM

So often the fashion industry can be pegged as vapid and self-indulgent, but sometimes a company comes along with a mission everyone can be proud to financially support.  It all started with TOMS shoes and a company dedication that for every pair of shoes purchased, one will be given to someone in need.  Their “One for One” program has been so successful that it is now expanding into the vision world, and as the TOMS website expounds, there is a huge need!

You may be surprised to learn that the largest cause of blindness world-wide is untreated cataracts.  In the United States this surgery typically takes between 10-20 minutes and successfully clears vision with a low risk of complications.  In developing nations, however, the cost and limited access of medical care leads to cataracts resulting in debilitating blindness.  Children in these countries also have difficulty getting routine care even for glasses. Imagine how difficult it is to succeed in school or work with impaired vision, and all you need is a simple pair of glasses to see 20/20.  TOMS is now joining the efforts of global vision care services that organizations like the Lions Club have been funding through the years.  The result: for every pair of TOMS sunglasses you purchase, one person will receive either cataract surgery, glasses, or any other medical intervention that may be needed.  This is a great opportunity to give to others, and don’t forget, by wearing UV protective sunglasses you are protecting your own vision as well! 

If you are interested in other ways of getting involved in aiding the visual needs of others, I can’t recommend enough talking with your local Lions Club and donating them your old or unwanted glasses.  Many optometrist offices will have drop-off boxes for your convenience. 

TOMS shoes are increasingly popular, and hopefully their sunglasses line will be just as successful.   I have even seen brides on Style Me Pretty  sporting these for a good cause!
TOMS sunglasses come in 3 styles: Classic 101 (left) features a Wayfarer-esque design and they also offer a traditional Aviator (right) that come in multiple color options.  All styles are 100% UVA/UVB blocking to protect your eyes from damage that can lead to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.  You are protecting your eyes from damage and aiding another person's vision at the same time; that's a combo that can't be beat!

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