Designer Profile: Ernest Hemingway Collection

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Ernest Hemingway sporting the "old reliable"  metal rim frame
Undeniably unstylish

Now that I am practicing at my own office, I get all sorts of surprise optometry mail.  It's one of those new OD perks that is still exciting to me. "Oh you want me to read this?  You are trying to inform me about this product? " Wonders never cease. Friday I received a flier advertising the new Ernest Hemingway Collection eyewear line. Let me tell you, I love some Hemingway.  A Farewell to Arms is my favorite book.  But Mr. Hemingway wasn't exactly a glasses style icon (check out the photo left as proof).

There were some highlights to the collection, which focused on thick rim zyl frames in tortoise shell schemes.   Nothing like the glasses Mr. Hemingway was sporting in his days (thank goodness).  For the bookish, geek chic trend, this line offers a lot of options!
Popular black and white combo that fashion forward men are daring to try these days
Round frames are difficult for men to wear, but there is also a women's line with the collection offering more delicate options in the same dark/tortoise color family

And you can get them in sunglasses!

They are really capitalizing on the geek chic trend with their offerings, and I was kind of hoping for something more offbeat (especially in their women's collection). Something more like we would find Lady Brett wearing in The Sun Also Rises, for example.  But maybe I'm just too obsessed with color right now to be a good judge.  

The Sun Also Rises was originally published as Fiesta.  Who knew?  

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  1. The second set of frames from the top are not worth having!!! The temples don't screw into the the left and right side. What screws in is a 1/8 inch post. The post then pushes into a little housing on the temples. After you wear the glasses for 6 months, tops, the post pulls OUT and you can never get it to go back in again. You'll try to superglue it and it'll work for a week or 10 days. When you go back to your retailer, there is nothing they can do and you can't buy the temples: YOU HAVE TO BUY THE WHOLE DAMNED FRAME and TEMPLES again.

    I've had two pair -- trying to fix them. They look great but if you want something that lasts, don't get them. I contacted the home office and they offered to work with me but no dice.

  2. I don't personally have any experience with this line's performance since we don't carry it my office, but this is disappointing to hear. Just another good reason to work with a doctor's office that has a warranty on their frames. Most doctor's offices in the States that stand behind their products will include a 1 year manufacturer's warranty -- and this should come standard! That way if any issues arise, you are fully covered.

  3. Acetate frames should be glued using acetone. It actually dissolves the acetate and allows you to fuse it back into one solid piece.