NBA Glasses: Playoffs Version

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I never suspected my most popular post on Eyedolatry all time would be a short segment on NBA players wearing glasses.  (Click here to access the post that sparked my realization of the original eyewear obsession).  Fortunately (or unfortunately in some player's cases) the trend for the NBA's top players to sport the latest eyewear fashions is rolling full steam ahead.  Here's the latest look at some of the top eyewear sported in this year's playoffs so far:

Paul Pierce

The Celtics star gave a post-game interview in these large rimmed zyl frames.  My verdict: these frames are much too large.  Look at all of the excess space between the side of Pierce's head and the outer rim of the frame.  If you see more air than face, this is a big indicator that your frames are too large.  Even when purchasing oversized frames for the "geek" eyewear trend, it is still best to get a deep frame (which will give you that oversize look) that actually fits your face for a tailored appearance. For more information on properly fitting  oversize "geek chic" frames to your face, please visit this post.

LeBron James
James has been photographed in glasses so many times, but honestly, there's a reason he is the poster-child of this trend.  He knows how to wear these glasses.  His frames fit his face; his eyes are perfectly centered in the lenses both horizontally and vertically, and there is no excessive air visible between the line of his face and the edge of the rim.  Somehow he gets it right every time!

Kevin Durant
Durant (pictured here on the right) actually does a great job with his glasses as well.  Let's ignore his less fortunately styled teammate to the left for a moment, and focus on the fit of Durant's frames.  They are sized appropriately, and  they appear to be well-centered even when we are viewing him from this angle.  The color of the frame is a little washed out, but clear and caramel colored plastics are having a major moment right now, despite being very difficult to wear.  Overall a good job.

Russell Westbrook
Let me start with this photo from Westbrook's own facebook page.  I admire his willingness to take fashion risks (and what is fashion but one risk after another anyway?) but these frames are really not helping anything.  Again, they are WAY too large, his eyes are positioned very high in the frames giving too much excess lens inferiorly, and with his round face shape, a round rimmed frame is never going to be the best choice.  (See this post for more information on better options for round faces)

Does Westbrook (or any of these NBA players) actually need glasses?  Definitely not in Westbrook's case at least.  Here is an excerpt from a "Daily Thunder" interview (courtesy

Reporter: Your wardrobe last night drew national attention. I loved the glasses. Where’d you come up with that style? 
Westbrook: I’ve been wearing glasses all season. I think last night was probably just the night they finally seen it.
Reporter: Now why no lenses in the frames? 
Westbrook: I see better without ‘em.
Reporter: So why wear ‘em at all then? Just a fashion statement? 
Westbrook: There you go. 
Reporter: Where’d you get the idea? 
Westbrook: I’ve been knowing how to dress for a while.
Well, I think that last comment has sparked quite a bit of internet debate, but I am definitely not qualified to judge overall fashion statements.  Let me stick to glasses.

Compare Westbrook's (right) to Durant's frames here.  These frames aren't terrible, but again, too round for his face.  A frame like Durant's that is slightly more rectangular in shape would be much more flattering.  Conversely, Durant's face shape is much longer and he could wear a round frame like Westbrook's more easily.  Just some nuances of the glasses world.

And to the right we have Westbrook's now infamous "Gone Fishing" ensemble.  I'm not going to give any serious critiques here because that would be positively ridiculous.  I am still a big fan of red frames in case anyone is wondering.  The point that I respect about Westbrook's glasses choices is that he is obviously just trying to have fun.  And I think any celebrity encouraging the world that glasses are fun and stylish is a great thing to do!

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  1. Where did paul pierce get those killa glasses he's wearing today. Fri may 10