Retro Chanel Sunglasses

8:01 PM

I traveled to Chicago this past weekend for the annual American Optometric Association conference, and there will be PLENTY of posts to come detailing new insights and technologies from all of the courses I took.  But let's start off easy with a fashion post inspired by this month's Elle magazine spread featuring vintage Chanel shades.  The looks are unique and fashion forward, but also ridiculously hard to wear.  The styles and the price tags below are not for the faint of heart!  Fashion wouldn't have it any other way.

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The pearl bedecked shades at left are available at  for a paltry $3200.

Below: Chanel logo suns circa 1990.  These vintage frames remind me of trial frames, so I had to include them for the geek factor
Left: Wanting something more flattering?  These vintage Chanel frames are more wearable, but there is no doubt about how much you spent on your sunglasses with that logo blazing across the lenses.

Below: More white Chanel frames.  Look closely and you will see a repeating miniature logo in a ring around the lens.  Priced at $950

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