Trending Now: Two-Tone Glasses

9:47 PM

It's official: I have entirely fallen for fall's two-tone glasses. My Juicy Couture ophthalmics arrived the  other day, and I have been sporting them as frequently as someone who owns five pairs of glasses (and counting) can wear a pair of glasses.  Two-tone specs are an updated version of the past few year's resurgence of thicker plastic frames, known lovingly as "geek chic" in the industry.  Where darker glasses were popular last fall, this fall the same styles are being infused with bright colors or an ombre effect.  Here's a pictorial overview of fall's best fashion trend:

Juicy Couture 115.  My new fall favorite pair of glasses.

Armani Exchange: two-tone for men.  The ombre effect is entirely on point with
other fashion trends being sported this fall.

And if you don't need prescription glasses, you can always sport the trend with sunglasses while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays at the same time.
Dylan Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters
Who can resist Coach's new line of colorful sunglasses
Style name is Casey

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