New Research: Eye Drops for Baldness?

8:22 PM

We have known for some time that a certain category of glaucoma medication (prostaglandin analogues) cause users to have extensive eyelash growth.  This side effect led to Allergan's production of Latisse, their glaucoma medication bimatoprost used specifically to stimulate eyelash growth.  If this drop causes eyelashes to grow, why wouldn't it work on hair?

Lumigan is made by Allergan, who also markets Latisse -- a product that uses bimatoprost specifically for eyelash growth  photo via Allergan

If you were already wondering this, finally we are getting some answers!  Researchers initially thought prostaglandin analogues would be ineffective on growth of scalp hair because eyelashes are in a different growth phase than scalp hair follicles.  The latest research suggests the growth phase difference may not matter.  Rodent studies have shown hair growth with topical application of bimatoprost, and early human hair follicle studies show similar results.  Allergan is currently performing their own research comparing bimatoprost to Rogaine, and results are pending.  In a few more years, Latisse for bald spots may be hitting the market full force!

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