High Prescription? Biofinity Contact Lenses Offer a Solution

9:27 AM

I may have been the only person on Friday to open my work email and do a little dance of excitement when I saw the good news -- Biofinity XR is launching on November 4th!  To most of us, wearing contact lenses seems like a normal part of our day.  We don't ever worry about what would happen if there were no contact lenses being made in our prescription.  But for some people, having a soft, disposable contact lens that is available in their power at their doctor's office is a luxury they have never experienced.  With Cooper's new launch, we will finally have a contact lens that offers the thin material and high oxygen benefits that lower prescription wearers have been enjoying for a decade!

Most soft disposable contact lenses are available in limited power options.  On average, +8.00D to -12.00D is the span of options.  If your prescription needs more correction than this, our only options become specialty contact lenses:  either hard RGP contact lenses that provide less comfort, or custom soft contact lenses that are usually very expensive or lower in oxygen to the eye, creating risks for scarring, blood vessel growth into the cornea, and infection even when worn appropriately.  The new Biofinity XR lens will be available up to +15.00 D and -20.00 D, a very generous span of power options.  

Biofinity XR lenses will be monthly disposable soft contact lenses and have a measured Dk/t of 160 (amount of oxygen to the eye).  The breathability of this lens will be unparalleled on the market as the first available high Rx lens made in silicone hydrogel material. Most lenses in these power ranges having Dk/t of no higher than 55 (some as low as 8 still on the market today!!).  With that being said, keep in mind that the thickness of the prescription does influence Dk/t, so a -10.00D lens will have more oxygen to the eye than a -20.00D lens.  

Price is another point where Biofinity XR should offer great performance.  For a custom contact lens in these power ranges, a year supply with monthly disposable lenses may be as high as $800-$1000 dollars.  Expect Biofinity XR to be available for around $260-$300 for a year supply.  A huge improvement for the wallet!

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  1. finally. i know they have been talking about this lens for awhile. i actually had a patient that needs these parameters so hello biofinity xr =). great post dr. lyerly!


  2. One of the nice information about the Biofinity contact lens.contacts are something a lot of people need so you might as well it them at a cheap price.