Spring 2014 Eyewear Inspirations: Round is In

11:24 AM

Anyone else just sick of winter?  Time to daydream about the eyewear you need when we can finally get outdoors and enjoy some natural Vitamin D.  The runway trend for Spring 2014 was rather consistent across designers:  round is the shape of the season.  Round can be a very difficult and unflattering shape to wear, so I personally have avoided it.  But for most oval or square-shaped faces, round frames can be a visually interesting and still flattering alternative for the season.  Here's a preview:

TORY BURCH: These Panama Sunglasses come in several colors (but I am loving the pastel pinks for spring!)
ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO: The sometimes harsh-appearance of round glasses (think Harry Potter) is given the feminine upgrade with a soft gray zyl.
STELLA JEAN: Mirrored sunglasses are still all the rage.

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