Fashion in Focus: Vintage Redux

12:10 PM

One thing is always true about fashion: we love to recycle the past.  Glasses styles are definitely no exception, and this spring no vintage look is having a bigger moment than horn-rimmed specs.  It is popping up everywhere from Ray Ban's classic Clubmaster shades being relaunched in every spectrum of the rainbow, to ophthalmics embracing a new take on the geek-chic look that has become played out in the oversized trends of years past.

How to wear a horn-rimmed pair of glasses?  Make them feminine by looking for an exaggerated wing shape on the temple, evoking a more cat-eye effect.  Little details like gold or bright colors can make an otherwise brow-heavy frame more lady-like.  Oversized horn-rimmed frames can work well in sunglasses, but for ophthalmics I would opt for a smaller eye size.  Tortoise shell is the most popular way to go, but black and ivory horn are being showcased by many designers as well!

Details on the temples can keep horn-rimmed glasses from looking like you got them out of your grandparent's garage sale.  If you chose a more basic color like tortoise-shell or black, these little details can really elevate the look!

All images in this and every Thursday Style File post are from Melissa DeLorme Photography

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