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If you aren't a regular over at Eye See Euphoria, let me show you guys what you might be missing.  Dr. Glover introduced me to some very inspiring new sunglasses and ophthalmics from designer Christian Roth in his most recent post, and I can't stop talking about them.  The colors, the shapes, everything is just right so on trend for 2014 and beyond.  The design team behind this collection literally needs some kind of award. Let me stop talking and just show you what I mean:


Eric's Own

Fly Girl

Fly Girl

Pop Power
The color mixing is done superbly, with combos ranging from over the top neons to an equally boisterous pairing of black and white.  Even the "subtle" pink fade Fly Girl glasses above have infusions of surprisingly rich color gradient, including a spectrum of shades ranging from orange to yellow comprising that one pink statement.  These are truly glasses for people that love glasses. And people that love color.  And people that just love fashion in general.  Thinking and talking about g lasses all day every day it can take some convincing to get me to wax poetic; even eye doctors need a little jump-start for their glasses passion.  Well, I am sold.

Anyway, I hope that these frames have a similar effect to brighten your Fridays and get you weekend ready! If you are in the mood for regular doses of amazing glasses fashion, Eye See Euphoria is a one-stop shop and you can always follow our blogs via Pinterest to see the latest looks inspiring your friendly optometry bloggers!

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