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If you have found this little corner of the internet, you probably really care about learning about your eyes.  The longer I have been blogging about ocular health, I am repeatedly blown away by the other talented and intelligent eye care specialists sharing their knowledge on the internet for patients they will likely never meet but they are helping and educating nonetheless.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite optometrists and ophthalmologists blogging about their fields so that you can find even more of the information you seek about your ocular health!

Vision Therapy:

Simply Brainy  Dr. S introduced me to this blog by Dr. Merrill Bowan, an optometrist specializing in ocular and neural development and its impact on the visual system (perception, processing, etc).  The articles on post-concussion visual changes are especially informative to someone suffering from visual issues after this type of injury.

Press Vision  If you are an optometrist, Dr. Press doesn't need introduction.  The website is very patient friendly and a great resource for anyone who wants to get a baseline understanding of how vision therapy could help improve visual performance.  There are links specifically for ADHD, autism, and dyslexia and how they can be related to an inefficient visual system.

See to Play  Dr. Peters' blog and book of the same name explores visual performance for the athlete, and how we can train the visual system to achieve better results on the field.  From time to time his blog will even feature activities you can do at home for your own visual system development.

Ocular Health:

Eye Foods  This website and the doctors behind it (Dr. Capogna and Dr. Pelletier) have been getting lots of attention in the optometry world recently and for good reason.  Their website and book (of the same name) explores nutrition and its benefits for ocular health by focusing on systemic health.  The eye is a part of your body, and for best ocular health we need to understand the eye as a body part that relies on the same nutrients and blood flow that the rest of your body is also getting.  Talking about nutrition is important for so many ocular issues, so this is a great resource for patients wanting to learn more.

State of Sight  This blog and series of YouTube videos by ophthalmologist Dr. Isaac Porter is a true hidden gem in the ophthalmic world.  Dr. Porter's vlog shorts are geared for quickly digested patient education, but ODs can also appreciate the way he introduces new technology in the surgical world of eyecare.  They make for great resources for your patients when you are referring to a local MD for a procedure.  His video about the CentraSight implantable telescope is a great example of how he makes technical surgical devices easy for patients to understand, and he has nearly a hundred such videos published already with topics ranging from cataract surgery to keratoconus.  He even shared the camera with me recently for a short about the pros of scleral contact lenses for keratoconus (I won't quit my day job).

Glasses Fashion:
Eye See Euphoria  I used to read more glasses fashion websites, but I realized that I didn't need to since Dr. Glover was giving me more than enough cutting edge glasses fashion for a lifetime.  

For the New OD:
New Grad Optometry  This is a website that if you are student OD you probably don't need me pointing you towards, but there are so many doctors writing for them now that you are getting the advice of as many "big brother/big sister" mentor ODs as you could need in one website.  The information is user friendly and makes for quick and easy reads (you are reading enough textbooks already!).  If you start reading now as a first year, you will be the expert for "what to expect" that all of your fellow classmates will be turning to!

Do you have any great eyecare bloggers that you follow?  I would love to add them to this list! Please comment with your suggestions for any new eye reads!

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