Clariti 1-Day Multifocal: Why This Lens is Your New Best Friend

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Whenever a new multifocal lens promises to deliver better visual performance, I am honestly skeptical.  The current daily disposable multifocal market had been rather uninspiring in lens technology with Proclear 1-Day Multifocal delivering relatively limited performance in higher adds (plus a fitting process that left a lot to be desired on initial lens selection) and the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal utilizing the same Air Optix design we all know.  But since I started fitting Clariti 1-Day Multifocal (also called Freshday Multifocal), I have to admit that I have been impressed with the results.  Like all multifocals, this lens is not perfect.  But for the design options on the market, this lens routinely is delivering the best reading vision without distance interference for a larger number of my patient base and has become my go-to daily multifocal lens.

It's the same lens, just different packaging depending on if you are a Vision Source member via
The Lens:

Clariti 1-Day is a silicone hydrogel daily lens with a Dk/t of 86 and a base curve of 8.6
Power Range = +5.00 to -6.00 in .25D steps
Add Range = LOW can accommodate up to +2.25 add, HIGH can accommodate up to +3.00
Center Near design

Fitting Guide:

Use up to date glasses Rx with vertexed distance.  Determine ocular dominance with +2.00 blur test.  The lens can tolerate up to 0.75D of astigmatism, but if the patient has greater than this don't expect clear vision.  Like all multifocal designs, performance depends on good, bright lighting for best visual performance.

There are 2 different fitting guides depending on if the patient is a hyperope or an emmetrope/ myope.  I have found that following the guide is extremely effective so definitely keep it handy!
It is highly recommended that the initial lens from the fitting guide is dispensed on day one -- the patient will need time to adapt to the lens technology and a follow-up in about 1 week will allow that appropriate "learning" time.

At the return check up, follow these tips for trouble shooting problems:

Improve distance? Add -0.25D to Dominant Eye
Improve near?  Add +0.25D to Non-Dominant Eye

Take Home:  There's a good reason that so many optometrists are discovering this lens is a new favorite -- it works!  It's not a miracle worker, but I have had much better patient acceptance of distance and near vision without compromise with this multifocal design than any other daily disposable multifocal to date.  It won't work for every patient, and it still requires the normal patient expectation discussions about lighting and dominance (Don't compare your eyes individually! It will look different between the eyes on purpose because that's how this lens is designed!).  For another vote of confidence, check out The Top 5 Ophthalmic Products of 2015 My Practice Can't Live Without  by Dr. Courtney Dryer.  She lists the Clariti 1-Day line of products as #1 on her list.

My advice is to keep the fitting guide with your set (or just have this post handy on your phone) and follow it exactly in initial lens selection.  I have only had to make an adjustment from this initial lens in 1 patient thus far, so it holds very true in my experience which is great for your chair time and your patient's time!

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