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Eyedolaty celebrates its 5th birthday next month, and it's been amazing how much has changed in the world of optometry in the short time since I began blogging.  We've grown from the days of a free blogspot domain posting pictures of conjunctival cysts and bad NBA glasses fashion, to a trusted optometric resource where thousands of readers around the world turn to find new technology and solutions to their unique visual challenges. There are more resources than ever for young ODs to find their way online -- from the educational articles at Review of Optometry, to the quick and fun guides at New Grad Optometry, and the inspirational success stories at Women in Optometry 

Way back  in the archives to first year and the White Coat Ceremony at SCO

But there are still many of you that are searching for answers and help in navigating this profession. We’ve received your emails and messages, and we are dedicated at Eyedolatry to answering your call! 

We are focused on the next generation of female optometrists as a website that's written by young women ODs, for young women ODs.  Our all-female team of docs have been practicing for just shy of 5 years,and we know what it’s like to be young and female in this profession.  We’re sharing our experiences, successes, and failures so that you are better prepared for what the real world can be like for a female OD fresh out of school and ready to find her first (and second and third) job in this industry as it’s undergoing major growing pains. Over the coming months we’re delving deep into the challenges facing new grads and especially female doctors in our industry, starting with the often disparate initial start young female ODs get off to compared to our male counterparts.. Throughout this year we'll be bringing you interviews with young female business owners, optometry social media entrepreneurs, and innovators in our community.  And we're going to face the hard topics head on: how to successfully negotiate everything from salary to benefits, how to "brag" without feeling bad about it (it's called self promotion!), and how to change the perception that our patients and even our fellow ODs may have about us the second we walk in the door.  Comment here or email us if you have a topic you want covered because this year it's all about you.  Our mission at Eyedolatry is to help millennial females take this profession by storm! Stay tuned for the first in our Women In Focus series: Negotiating the Starting Salary.

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