Finding Your Eyewear Style with Celebrity Stylist Irma Martinez and Transitions

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If there's one rule in fashion, it's that you should take the concept of rules, chop it up into little pieces, and throw those pieces to the wind. Stylist Irma Martinez has become one of the most sought-out names for celebrity fashion because she encourages her clients to be fearless and bold.  Her message of personal expression and freedom in fashion has garnered a who's who client list that includes Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, and Eva Longoria.  Her most recent collaboration? As a an eyewear afficionado she was a natural choice to represent the new Transitions brand campaign.

"I'm constantly on the move from fashion shows to designer showrooms to photo shoots, which can all be in just one day.  Before I got Transitions lenses, I was known for leaving my glasses behind at various places.  I would leave a photo shoot and get a call that I had left my glasses because I switched pairs.  I would wear my progressives to work and then sunglasses outside.  With Transitions, I love that I can go from day to night without thinking about changing my glasses."

The new Transitions Signature VII lenses are not just the best light adapting technology on the market to date, but they have also entered the seriously trending realm of color-tinted lenses. In addition to staple tints of gray and brown, Transitions lenses now come in Graphite Green, adding a color tint that not only provides enhanced contrast and visual performance, but adds an element of style that Martinez and fashion fiends can't get enough of.  "I enjoy that they come in various colors so that I can mix and match with many frame styles and colors.  Right now, I'm in love with a pair of rose quartz Prada frames that pair perfectly with Transitions brown.  Plus, with rose quartz as the Pantone Color of the Year, I know my pair is fashion forward and stylish.  It's a bonus that my Transitions block 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays, which is so important living in Miami."

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"Transitions lenses have also made me more daring in choosing my eyewear.  My lenses are comfortable, therefore I'm more inclined to get different pairs for my different looks and moods.  Additionally, I'd say that Transitions has had an impact on my personal life too.  I love to read outdoors on my patio or at the beach and I could never do that before with regular sunglasses.  I read so much more now." 

As a stylist to some of the most glamorous beauties in the world of music and TV, Martinez has a few tricks of the trade to enhance the way eyewear can enhance your look:
  • Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin to make sure that you mask any under-eye imperfections that could be highlighted by an oversize lens.
  • Line the waterline with a gold, rose-gold or cream eyeliner.  It makes the whites of your eyes look brighter.
  • Find a good waterproof mascara that doesn't flake so you won't have any residue on your glasses. 
Hanging out on the set of the Transitions photo shoot via
How can you make Martinez's style your own? "Transitions lenses are really versatile so the most important thing is to make sure the frame compliments your face shape and go from there.  I always tell my clients not to be afraid of rocking a bold look.  If you believe you look great, you do."

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  1. Hi there!

    I already found my eye wear style after reading your fabulous blog. I have read a while ago about the fashion lows of wearing transition eyeglasses. What's your stand on this?