Building the American Brand: Behind the Scenes at Gazal Eyewear

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Back in 2015 we profiled the story of husband and wife team Gazal and Saeed Tabrizipour, eyewear designers based out of Atlanta who were breaking on to the blossoming American eyewear scene. Two years later, they’ve continued to push boundaries and expectations as they launch new collections and work to open their first Gazal Eyewear flagship optical store in historic Roswell, Georgia.  As private practice optometrists are increasingly embracing independent eyewear in the face of mergers and consolidations of name brand wholesalers that reduce competition, American consumers are also increasingly looking towards products with local origin stories and a focus on quality and craftsmanship.  Here’s how the couple behind Gazal Eyewear is making a stand for independence in eyewear and inspiring other designers and eyewear enthusiasts with a dream to jump in!
Designer Gazal Trabrizipour and her husband Saeed are the dynamic duo behind Gazal Eyewear. You can follow their personal story - designing eyewear, outfitting their new flagship optical, and jetsetting around the world to trade shows with behind the scenes looks at the insider's world of optical design on their instagram account @gazal_eyewear
“I design only when I am inspired; when there is true feeling and love for something I would love to see and something that I would enjoy wearing myself,” says Gazal Tabrizipour about her process. “I always keep in mind the quality when trying to bring the drawings to life. I have worn glasses since I was a child and the comfort and durability level is just as important as the look.” 
Her focus is clearly evident in their new 2017 collection, aptly titled Wicked.  The inspiration? “To create something Wickedly comfortable, that keeps a clean yet luxurious look.” The collection features un-apologetically bold shapes that are statement making but still entirely wearable, and a focus on mixed metals and acetates that allow a pop of color without the bulky, heavy frame weight of a full acetate frame.

While the designs are created by Tabrizipour in Georgia, the material sourcing and manufacturing for her frames happens in Japan, the go-to manufacturing hub for high quality and light weight titanium metals. “We use a lot of titanium because the weight of the frames and durability compared to other metals makes a remarkable difference.  I am very focused on the intricate details of each frame design so it is important to utilize the skillset of Japanese manufacturing to bring these details to life.”

Their latest photoshoot featuring Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd) was a collaboration introduced to Trabrizipour by Maarten Weidema. " It was great seeing Amy in all of our designs, she is the first model outside of my husband and I that has been part of the Gazal Eyewear collection."
2017 will be one of the biggest for Gazal Eyewear. They recently participated in a globe-trotting luxury eyewear marketing campaign with Maarten Weidema of the Eyewear Forum and model Amy Rolland. If their first major campaign shoot wasn’t enough, this year they are opening Gazal Eye Care Boutique in Roswell, GA.  The flagship location will feature not only Gazal Eyewear designs, but also many of the best know names in the industry.  “We are proud and eager to reveal the collections to the local community where the initial idea and history for Gazal Eyewear began.  My husband and I met and lived in Roswell for years and dreamed of creating the eyewear line and the flagship boutique in historic Downtown Roswell for years.  The community is fun, lively, and very artistic and we could not be happier to take part and add some additional history to its’ richness.”

The flagship Gazal boutique optical store will open later this year in Roswell, Georgia, but already the design aesthetic that has made Gazal Eyewear a success is on display. Exam rooms look sleek with sliding black doors embossed in gold, and the main optical space creates a pure luxury feel with recessed display shelves and uniform white walls and ceilings that let the frames take center stage. 
Thinking about adding independent American eyewear design to your optical this year? Check out Gazal Eyewear in NYC at Vision Expo East this spring. “We would love to share all of our exciting news about our plans ahead of time, but we also hate to ruin a good surprise,” Tabrizipour says about their plans for Vision Expo. Like the best designers in the industry, she has us on the edge of our seats!

You can contact the Trabrizipours personally here to get more details about bringing this craftsman American designer brand to your optical.

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