Geek Chic Glasses Trend

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With school in full swing and popular television shows like "Glee" back from summer hiatus, the current "geek chic" trend in fashion and eyewear is popping up everywhere.  Let me spin a little tale for you (true of course!):
Mom and teenage daughter come in, eye exam goes great, and daughter needs an update in her glasses prescription.  I walk mom and daughter to optical, and then help as they debate glasses choices.  Mom finds an attractive purple plastic frame.  Daughter refuses to try it on.  She only wants to look in the men's section.  She only wants to see the BIGGEST glasses we have.  Then she finds the jackpot:  the glasses I like to refer to as "glasses for the elderly male that gets the same glasses every year" or "old reliable" for short.  The eye size is so large that the glasses literally devour her face; she loves them.  Mom doesn't.  They leave without buying anything.
Old Reliable comes in 2 standard colors: silver or gold.  Sometimes even having those two choices is more than some men want.

What did we just witness? Well, for one this is classic mom and teenage daughter in optical interaction.  But in this case, we are specifically witnessing "geek chic" fashion!  Glasses are so indy and alternative!  The uglier and geekier you look the better!  All joking aside, geek chic is a trend that I fully embrace as an eye care provider simply because people are actually wanting to wear their glasses.  The days of being made fun of or ostracized for being a glasses wearer are hopefully fading more and more into the past.  If you can feel stylish and proud of your glasses, well I am all for it!
Anne Hathaway rocking the geek chic style
But wait, in geek chic, glasses are NOT just for your face.  Glasses are popping up everywhere from jewelry to clothing!
Glasses necklace from Forever 21 (I have to admit, I own this)
"Kurt" from Glee wearing Urban Outfitters

And don't forget eye chart wall hangings for your home!

These can be found at stores like Target and TJ Maxx

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