Synergeyes Duette Solution Update

3:15 PM

Another Synergeyes post! Several visitors to this blog have started reading to find out more information regarding these new hybrid lenses, and because they are so new, information on the web is very limited.  I just got an email from my Synergeyes rep with important new information regarding what contact lens solution is best with this lens.  Note: results are based on a study performed by the Synergeyes company and independent of any company making contact lens solutions.

1) Biotrue       This solution not only rated best for visual quality, causing the least amount of film build-up on the surface of the lens, it also had the best "contact angle" results which means improved wettability and comfort to the wearer!  For patients experiencing dryness with their Synergeyes Duette lenses, this solution should be your best choice.

2) Aquify  Had the second best scores in the study for comfort and clarity.

1) Opti-Free Pure Moist    This new solution has great moisturizers to improve comfort, but some patients are reporting a "film" or haze over their lenses with its use.  10-15 seconds of gentle rubbing of your lens would remove this problem if you are experiencing it.

2) ClearCare    Typically this is my go-to solution for improving dryness and comfort, but there are some drawbacks in its use with the Synergeyes Duette lens.  In some patients, ClearCare (which is a great preservative free option) is causing a white ring of depositing along the soft skirt of the lens.  This ring is apparently the result of a chemical reaction with the calcium levels in some people's tear film.  This finding was only in a very few number of patients, but more prevalent in people with dry eye from poor tear stability.

Revitalens   Believe me, I was very surprised when I saw this result because this particular solution was being touted as the best choice for the Duette material.  Apparently it adversely affected the "contact angle" of the lens, resulting in the lowest scores in wettability and comfort.

Any multi-purpose solution is safe to use with these lenses, but for best comfort and vision, your cleaning methods and solution choices can have a big effect!  This is true for all contact lenses, not just the hybrid Synergeyes Duette.  If you are a Duette wearer and have been having dryness issues with your lenses, try switching to Biotrue and see if there isn't an improvement.  These lenses have a 6 month lifespan, so proper cleaning and hydration are essential to your comfort and this lens' optical performance.

For more information about the Synergeyes Duette lens, please visit:  (ignore the solution suggestions in this post; the lens is so new I was having to rely on rep suggestions and my own patient experiences until this study was published!!)

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  1. interesting review. I currently have duette lenses and they have a cloudy film where the hard and soft materials meet. I started out using Clear Care then switched to BioTrue for comfort. But the cloudy film appeared when using the BioTrue on the first pair. The first pair only lasted 3 months due to the cloudy film. When I switched to the second pair, I began using Clear Care again. The cloudy film re-appeared at the 3 month mark. Going to the eye doctor next week to figure something out. I love the contacts, but the cost isn't justified for a 3 month lens!

    1. Sounds like your eye chemistry needs a stronger clean than even Clearcare can provide. For patients getting a film like yours, we've had great success with weekly use of Miraflow or the generic version (Walgreens Extra Strength Soft Contact Lens Cleaner). This extra step one night a week can make a huge difference, especially as the lens ages.