More NBA Finals Glasses Fashion

7:38 PM

At this point, every passing basketball game brings us one step closer to a horrible finality: the end of NBA post-game fashion!  I have gotten so addicted to the post-game interview glasses display, I don't know what I am going to do with my late nights when the playoffs are over.  Not to mention, well there will be no more basketball to watch too.  Both are depressing thoughts.

But until then, let's delve into the incredible eyewear fashion of the Finals thus far:


Russel Westbrook's facial expression just goes so well with his ensemble in this screencap--I couldn't resist.  Honestly, these glasses fit him a bit better than usual, so I would say this is a step in the right direction.  His eyes are finally centered in the frame!

Kevin Durant looking daper in a suit, tie, and great fitting zyl frames.  These frames look stylish and appropriately sized.  I'm so used to seeing these guys wear hugely oversized frames, this almost looks small!  Dark plastics are one of the biggest wearable trends in eyewear, so if you are shopping for glasses,  I would use these frames as a good guide.


Here Westbrook takes an unfortunate step backwards.  These frames are nearly comically proportioned to his face, but props for the color!

Dwayne Wade, however, was wearing a much more flattering take on the eyewear trend with this dark zyl frame.  Just like Durant in the earlier photo, his eyes are well centered both vertically and horizontally.  Even the nosewire is fitting perfectly.  Overall a great fit.


A few days later, Wade get's it right again with this tortoise zyl frame. The fit is a little oversized, but still reasonable.  The rectangular frame shape is right on trend point (and more flattering to his face shape than the more rounded frames he was photographed in above).   Remember, frame shape should be a complement to facial shape.  Wade has a more rounded facial structure (focus on the cheek area and you will see what I mean), so a more edged, rectangular frame will be visually flattering.  I you haven't already skipped to the next photo due to boredom, I have a string of posts on face shapes if you want to learn more (just look at June 2011 for a full listing).

And a big thank you to Westbrook for continuing to keep me entertained.  Honestly, these are almost better (definitely better than those gigantic blue frames!).  They fit well as far as width, but the eye size is still staggeringly deep.  I mean, the frame is centered over his lower eyelid instead of his actual eye.  But then again, he isn't trying to see through these so what does it matter, haha.  Keep them coming Westbrook!

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