Fall Fashion Preview: Neutrals

9:18 PM

Photo via J CREW
With back to school ads littering the airways, it's time to start thinking about another change in seasons.  New trends for Fall 2012 seem to be focusing on a neutral color palate, letting the style lines of your glasses speak instead of the colors.  Thicker frames are still on point, so expect the "geek chic" trend to continue.  Gray, bone, tans -- all are making a major comeback from the days Michelle Pfeiffer was sporting them poolside in Scarface (below).

1983 is new again; Michelle Pfeiffer's
classic look would be right on trend
for fall 2012


Depending on your skin tone, a bone or light gray colored frame can be difficult to wear, so it is always best to try the frames on your face.  Darker browns seem to be more universally flattering.  As a general rule, darker skin tones can aim more towards the pale frame colors, while really pale skin tones will likely look too washed out in these lighter colors.

Readers from Anthropologie

Yves Saint Laurent priced at $295
Major 80's throwback
via Cutler and Gross

Anne Hathaway at BBC Radio interview, wearing neutral plastic frames.  The darker  temples
and dark brown tint help keep the lighter plastic from completely washing out her face.  This neutral color palate transitions as a perfect compliment to your fall wardrobe of darker colors, layered looks, and tweeds.

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