New Biotrue One Day Lens!

8:06 PM

Just got a new daily contact lens that will be launched on the market for purchase in the near future.  I love daily contact lenses due to the unbeatable comfort and convenience.  Not to mention they are the hands down healthiest option in soft contact lenses for your eyes!  Read more about dailies here.

Biotrue One Day packaging.  Terrible picture because
I took it hahah
Bausch and Lomb is launching a new daily lens called Biotrue One Day (with a similar branding concept to their Biotrue Multipurpose contact lens solution).  The lens is made of a new material called "Hypergel"  that offers better oxygen to the eye than traditional hydrogel lenses, but without any silicone polymers.  Currently lenses on the market are either hydrogel (an older material that has poor oxygen transmission but great comfort) or silicone hydrogel (higher oxygen to the eye, but comfort may not be as good as the old material in some patients).  Biotrue One Day lenses are being promoted as offering the same water content as your own eye, which should help improve end of day hydration of the lens.  The biggest complaint of daily contact lenses (or all lenses for that matter) is end of day dryness and discomfort.  If Biotrue One Day truly offers better end of day comfort, this lens could be come a practitioner's go to for computer users that suffer from contact lens dryness.
Biotrue One Day
Apologies for the poor quality but I took this myself!  The lens is
so new I couldn't find any images on google!

I got my first box of dailies today and look forward to trying them out and posting my opinions on this lens.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Bausch and Lomb and other than a free strip of 5 contact lenses, I am receiving no incentive for this or future posts.

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  1. How was your biotrue experience?

  2. I was really quite pleased. The only lens that I have worn that was a little more comfortable was Acuvue Trueye, but the cost of Biotrue Daily is supposed to be a lot more reasonable. I was able to last for 15 hours before feeling considerable dryness, a huge improvement over my typical contact lens experience.

  3. Very cool. I just switched to Acuvue Trueye they are the most comfortable I have tried. Cannot feel edges and wear them up to 18 hours so far.
    When I go in for my six month check-up I will give BioTrue a try. Hopefully with BioTrue coming out Trueye will drop there prices a little!

  4. Nice to read this, hopefully these new bio lenses will help us wear contact lenses again. As many peole here in france, we are suffering from eye dryness, those give us hope to be able to wear contact lenses again! Amazing hope since i have my glasses back on my nose:(. Looking forward to fibd them in my country!!! Please tell us if they worth it:)))))!

  5. I have heard fro almost a year that BioTrue Daily will be coming out for hyperopes "soon"... any updates?

    1. No news yet, but it is definitely an underserved market and I hope "soon" means this year!

  6. BioTrue oneday is a very nice contact lens from Bausch & Lomb. They are made by nesofilcon-A material. This the only lens from B&L that offer UV-A & UV-B protection. They are really good contact lens