Local Sunglasses Fashion: Eye See Euphoria

10:05 AM

It wouldn't be fitting to wrap up the Eyedolatry Sunglasses Initiative of 2013 without featuring Dr. G over at Eye See Euphoria. The man knows how to style a pair of glasses, be it with ophthalmics in his daily wear or when he is sporting suns on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.  Cue the photo gallery:

Versace Sunglasses 

Maybe a new campaign in the works?

As an optometrist, Dr. G always speaks about the protective health benefits of sunglasses on his blog, but he also writes about styling men's and women's frames for you fashion readers out there.  If you are interested in learning more about current designer frames on the market, his website is a great launching point!

I hope that our feature of local bloggers has inspired you to reach for your sunglasses this month. Whether you are buying designer labels or sunglasses over the counter, just remember that those lenses are medical devices and you are protecting yourself and being fashionable with the summer's latest trends at the same time. Never compromise on your own safety standards with sunglasses -- make sure your lenses are at least 98% UV blocking; in today's market there is never an excuse to sacrifice protection for style!

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