Fall 2013 Sunglasses: Cat-Eye Revisited

9:27 PM

I'm not sure that cat-eye sunglasses ever really go out of trend, but they are back with a vengeance on runways this fall.  Designers featured both wearable and over-the-top looks that are sure to inspire sunglasses envy.  Here's a preview from the latest top design houses:

ARMANI:  Navy gives this classic cat-eye a new twist.

TEMPERLEY LONDON:  Color updates again prevail.  These cat-eyes incorporated two-tone frames and lenses with gradient color changes to spice up the classic silhouette.

CAROLINA HERRERA : Play up the vintage cat-eye appeal with browns and amber tinted lenses.

TORY BURCH: Go statement with over-the-top sunglasses as vivid as the statement necklaces that were trending all last year.

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