An Eye Obsession

7:00 AM

Sometimes I can't tell if eyes are just getting more popular, or if I just notice them more since I think about eyes pretty much the entirety of every day.  I have been seeing a multitude of designers for both fashion and home featuring eyes in their newest designs and collections.  From over the top statements to subtle embellishments, eyes are a source of inspiration not just for eye doctors, it seems.


Blair Eadie is never one to back down from a statement on her blog Atlantic-Pacific, featuring Pierre Hardy pumps

Or what about this Charlotte Olympia clutch

Evil Eye jewelry has also been a big trend -- the concept here is that these eyes were traditionally used to ward off evil spirits.  House of Harlow makes the above.
Looking for a more affordable option?  These evil eye stud earrings are only $18 at Furbish Studio


You really can't talk about evil eye inspiration without bringing up Mara Hoffman's designs.  She has made fabrics and several household items reflecting the evil eye motif.
Mara Hoffman fabric featured with her Anthroplogie collection

Looking for something a bit more subtle?  Try adding a small soap dish or tray to create a perfect accent piece for your home without feeling like all of your furniture is staring at you.

Evil Eye plates and dishes by Furbish Studio

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