Keep It Clean: New Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner from LensPen

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Cleaning your glasses is just a normal part of your daily routine when you are a glasses wearer.  I know I have to clean mine 2-3 times a day due to the normal smudges and finger prints that my lenses will accumulate as I go through a normal work day.  But if you don't always have the right tools available, cleaning your glasses can not only be tedious but also expensive -- use a tissue or a harsh fabric, and  the scratches you create could mean you need to buy new lenses to see clearly again!  I always have a bottle of spray and lens cloth in my purse, but not everyone carries around a little Mary Poppins bag of wonders with them all day.  Enter the new Peeps cleaner from LensPen.

Peeps is a small hand held device that uses carbon to attract and remove the oils that can smudge and smear the surface of your lenses.  The other end of the product has a goat hair brush designed to prevent scratching to the delicate surface coatings of your glasses.  No spray or external cloths are needed -- the company recommends just breathing gently on the surface of your lens if a smudge persists and then slide the Peeps cleaner over them again in a circular motion.

The circular area is made to run over your lenses in a gentle, rotating motion, and utilizes carbon molecules to lift oils up and away.  The other end of the product has a goat hair brush to gentle remove surface debris. via

Pocket-sized so that you can keep them anywhere! via
The important thing to remember about your glasses is that the surface is very delicate.  Yes, you should have a scratch coating on your lenses to help prevent surface issues, but if you are using the wrong products no scratch coating in the world can withstand that kind of daily abuse.  Where the LensPen product prevails is that the carbon particles draw oils up and away from your lenses without relying on any rubbing or mechanical action.  It's all in the ionic attraction.  The goat hair brush on the other end are just there to gently remove any physical debris, but you aren't really rubbing your glasses clean with either side.  This type of product is designed to delicately protect your glasses lenses the same way you treat those expensive camera lenses.  The result should be clear, lasting lenses with no surface scratches!

Because the Peeps cleaner relies on an ionic charge attraction, there is a limit to how long it can last. Per the company's website, every time you close the Peeps cleaner back into its case it is recharged, up to 500 uses.

You can pick these up from Amazon for under $18.  Stocking stuffer for the glasses wearer in your life, perhaps?

Have you used the LensPen product?  If so, I would love to hear your personal reviews!

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  1. I've been using this cleaner for about 2 months now they are much easier and more convenient to use than the old spray bottle and wipes, I keep one close at all times and whenever i need its there.