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We're launching a new feature on the blog today, bringing you advice on the top trends and technology in eyewear straight from the people who know it best, your optometrists!  If you are active on Instagram you'll definitely recognize our first featured OD; with over 2,000 followers, Dr. Fartash posts daily as @glamoptometrist about her favorite eyewear and eye-themed fashion.  She is a 2nd generation optometrist, born and raised in Orange County, California.  A graduate of SCCO (Southern California College of Optometry), she practices in both optical and private practice settings, as well as doing bedside exams at nursing facilities.  "What drove me to start a blog and Instagram was my passion for fashion.  Luckily, in optometry we are able to have both worlds collide."

Current Eyewear: As I am writing this I am wearing my Dolce & Gabbana horned rimmed ophthalmic glasses.  I have recently been more daring in the frames I wear and choose to live in color! So most of the newer frames I wear have lots of personality, like my pink Cartier [above] and red SEE glasses [below]. 

Dolce & Gabbana frames (left) and SEE frames (right)
I am a big believer in AR [anti-reflective coating], especially while using the computer.  My favorite, is the Crizal Sapphire.  I know it is a little more pricey, but in this case you really are getting what you pay for.  My vision is crystal clear, barely any smudging, and my lens cleanings are much more sparse.  I highly, highly recommend it!  I have also been using Trivex lenses over Polycarbonate.  To me, the clarity of the lens is much better.

Current Sunglasses: My favorite line of sunglasses are from Tom Ford.  They are so well made and light!  I tend to have a flatter nose bridge so it is hard to wear just any kind of sunglasses, but almost every Tom Ford I have tried, fit perfectly.  Another line I am loving right now is from Miu Miu.  Their glasses are just so fun! From the funky shapes to colors. Same goes for Jimmy Choo.  Another less expensive line I have recently tried is Quay Australia.  They are very trendy sunglasses that have reflective lenses, which is a big trend in eyewear right now. 

Tom Ford Sunglasses
What's Trending? My favorite trends are reflective lenses, colored frames, and anything outside of the big, black, thick frame.

What's Your Next Frame Purchase?  Truth be told, I am wanting to try lines from smaller vendors, but of good quality.  

What New Lens Technology Will You Be Trying Next? Chanel has these new mirrored lenses that are made with actual gold. I'd like to try that. 

Advice for Your Next Purchase:  Living part time in San Francisco, which is mainly millennials like me, I have been exposed to patients wanting to order online.  I really don't know how I feel about this because I think that there really is an art to choosing that perfect pair of glasses and opticians are well trained to help patients do so.  They are also more informed about various products designed to make the patient's life more comfortable.  Within the online world a huge part of that is taken away.  Two weeks ago an online glasses company offered me a complimentary pair of glasses, I am yet to get them, so I may change my mind when it comes to online ordering after trying them.  I know our generation wants everything NOW, but that doesn't always mean it is better.

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