Discontinued Contact Lens Update

8:16 PM

Every year companies continue to streamline their contact lens portfolio options as new, more breathable materials become available!  If you see your contact lenses on this list, be prepared to work with your doctor to find an alternative option this year. Here are the latest updates:

Discontinued as of 11/1/2018:

Monthly Lenses
Frequency 55 Toric
Frequency 55 Toric XR

Suggested Replacement: Biofinity Toric or Biofinity Toric XR

Quarterly Replacement/Custom Order
Preference Sphere
Preference Standard
Preference Toric
Preference Toric XR

Suggested Replacement: Hydrasoft Sphere/Toric

Daily Disposable
Clearsight 1-Day 30 pack
Proclear 1-Day 30 pack
Proclear 1-Day Multifocal 30 pack

90 pack lenses are still available

Discontinued as of 11/1/2019:

Monthly Lenses
Frequency 55 Aspheric
Expressions Colors

Biweekly Lenses
Vertex Toric

Note: 2019 marks the full discontinuation of all Frequency 55 and all Vertex products.  Expressions were CooperVision's only color contact lens, so as of 2019 there will be no CooperVision color contact lenses either. 

Acuvue 1-Day Moist for Astigmatism Discontinuations Effective Immediately
  • 90 Pack in Plus Powers  30 packs are still available
  • Astigmatism in x 060 and x120
Suggested replacement: Acuvue Oasys 1 Day for Astigmatism is available around the clock

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  1. Please help! I was wearing Freq 55 XR which are great for my Stigmatism, but are now discontinued. I tried biofinity XR but that was so uncomfortable and irritated my eyes and was not very clear. The Pro Clear is also not comfortable and I can’t really see. Do I have any more options or is it time for lasiq?

    1. Biofinity Toric XR and Proclear Toric XR are the only other options that are ready-made, but a custom toric contact lens could possibly work for you. Check for an optometrist that specializes in contact lenses in your area to discuss this option!