Meet the Team Behind Eyedolatry
Dr. Jennifer Lyerly
Founder and Editor in Chief

Optometrist practicing in Raleigh, North Carolina

A word from Dr. L: When I started Eyedolatry in 2011, I had just graduated from the Southern College of Optometry a few days prior.  Like most new graduates, I wanted a place where I could read advice for my personal growth in the newest trends in patient care, contact lens fitting, and practice management.  But in writing my posts, I realized that my true passion was bringing optometry to everyone.  So if you ever wondered what that little growth on your eyelid was, or wanted someone to explain glaucoma in words you could understand, consider Eyedolatry your place for patient-friendly education.  Use the image gallery to show your patients or students HIPAA-compliant examples of what unhealthy eyes or even common retinal findings look like.  And please, I would love to hear more of what you want to learn about (be you doctor, student doctor, or at-home eye enthusiast!).

As Featured In:

Dr. Jessica Stephenson
Columnist, Ocular Aesthetics and Eyewear Style Expert

Optometrist practicing in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Columnist and Vision Therapy Expert

Pediatric and Vision Therapy Specialist
Practicing in St Louis, Missouri

Are you interested in joining the team or being featured in a guest post?  Please email me.  We would love to get the voices of more optometrist and optometry students heard!