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It's that time of year again.  That's right, flexible spending account season, as it's known in the healthcare industry.  Most flex spending accounts expire on December 31st, so for many people who wear glasses this is the perfect time of year to make your purchase!  Due to the high demand of the season, expect your local doctor's office or frames retailer to be running discounts or sales, making this a great time to also get a good deal.

For the holiday season, bold designs and colors continue to dominate the eyewear industry.  Here are some of my best-sellers!

  • ROBERT MARC: Branded as the eyewear line of choice for the stars, the quality of these frames is hard to beat.  This year's line features several styles in a colored tortoise pattern.  The red tortoise (below) and their olive green "jungle tortoise" are two of my favorites.  The only drawback on these frames is the pricetag, but the fit and design are truly impeccable.  

  • TIFFANY'S: The company's newly launched eyewear line features their classic robin's egg blue color scheme, as well as familiar accents in silver such as the heart locket and key motifs.  This frame line has been very popular at my office because the brand is so distinctive. People can recognize that shade of blue from across the room.

  • PRODESIGN: If you want bold color, no one does it better than Danish based Prodesign.  I find their frame shapes are very angular, but for those people with oval or round shaped faces they are a perfect fit.
  • CLEAR PLASTICS: I've mentioned it before, but if you are a risk taker, clear zyl frames are a huge trend right now.  Yes, they are hard  to wear.  But people will notice them.  One of my good friends recently purchased a pair and they get stopped all the time by people asking where they got their glasses.
Fendi 123
  • COLOR: Well, since it is my blog, I might as well post my newest pair of glasses. If you are going to have just one pair of glasses, then I would recommend something universal like brown or metallic.  But if you are going to have several pair, then get a bold color!  Purple, red, and green are the most flattering to most, but every year it seems the color palate expands to more vibrant options.
Coach Lucille

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