NBA All Stars Sporting Top Trends in Eyewear

10:35 PM

Who would have known watching the NBA All-Star game I would have been surrounded by glasses fashion?  The "geek chic" look (reference this post) has reached new heights, and is being fully embraced by two of Miami's Big Three.  You have to wonder with so much exposure how much longer this trend can last, but it is definitely still going strong right now!

Dwayne Wade and LeBron James love eating hot dogs together while wearing nerd  chic glasses
Close up of James' Dita frames.  They do fit his face quite well so congrats to the optician for getting this look right!  Remember, the glasses are supposed to be big, but you still want your eyes well centered in the frame. 
Of interesting comical note, Harvard grad Jeremy Lin is probably the nerd spokesman for the NBA right now, and he only uses his hands to make fake glasses in his pregame handshake.  Hand glasses are, after all, much more nerdy than real ones.

But the best glasses in the NBA this season undoubtedly belong to the Knick's Amare Stoudemire.  His rec specs (short for recreational spectacles) are stylish and protective.  For parents out there, I can't recommend rec specs for your children enough. The material used is shatter proof polycarbonate or Trivex, which can protect your eyes from stray fingers, balls, or any projectiles that might threaten the fragile eye socket. They offer essential protection for the eyes even if your child doesn't need vision correction for sports!  Thank you to any professional athlete setting an example for kids.

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