Fashion in Focus: Meet the New Metals

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In a world dominated by trendy, oversized plastics, the spring 2014 runways brought a fresh look from designers -- metals.  Gone are the boring, unisex-looking metal frames that made many Americans hate wearing glasses in the past.  This new take on metals has all the power and punch of color of any plastic, but some added perks too.

Frame: BCBG Lenore, Color = Black
If you wear plastic frames, you know that finding a perfect fit can be very difficult.  That is because plastic frames traditionally have no nosepads, so the entire support of the frame has to be fitting by the temples, applying the right amount of pressure behind the ears.  This lack of support across the bridge of the nose causes tons of adjustment and comfort issues.  Do you frames slip down your face?  Are you having to constantly tilt your head back to see through your frames?  You need nosepads to adjust this fit!

In the past five years, plastics have been so dominating because of their loud colors and bold styles.   Metal frames have finally started catching up, and now you can chose the bright color combinations that you love without sacrificing the adjustability and excellent fit of a metal frame.  You can't beat the lightweight feel of a metal frame with a proper fit!  

When selecting a metal frame, keep the look updated by choosing a fashion forward shape (like cat eye or a wayfarer inspired look), or update a traditional shape into 2014 with a bright accent of color.  Orange, teal, and bright purples are your best friends this spring for an on-style look.

Are you interested in getting the New Metal look? Nobody does metal better than Prodesign.  Check out some of their best looks from their spring 2014 collection.  Each frame comes in a large selection of bold color choices, so no need to compromise here!
Round frames are having a moment this spring, and pairing a matte gray finish with a bright pop of teal makes for a strong fashion statement that is wearable every day.

 If you are choosing metal, you can still have all-over color.  Check out Prodesign's rainbow inspired looks.  The matte finish of a titanium metal frame keeps things looking sophisticated, an area where plastic frames can sometimes look juvenile when there is too much color mixing.

All Thursday Style File features are from the amazing photography of Melissa DeLorme

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