Revenge of the Nerd Glasses

10:24 PM

Ready for another fashion post?  I've already posted about my disappointing airline miles turned magazine subscription experience, but a current issue of Glamour did have a great picture of Revenge's Emily VanCamp sporting a great pair of geek chic glasses.  Need a refresher on geek chic?  Check out this post:  Geek Chic Glasses.  The photo made me stop and admire just how much glasses are a part of fashion right now.  And for the first time, it's not just sunglasses that are fashionable, but actually everyday wear ophthalmic frames.  Heck, I have patients getting plano (zero power) glasses just to have frames for style.  That scenario is not very often, but any time this happens is more than historically.  Ophthalmic frames are a legitimate fashion accessory, so let's all stop and bask in the glasses glory.

Librarian inspired styling Via
Want your fashion more high brow?  The recent fall 2012 show from designer Corey Lynn Calter featured ophthalmic frames as an integral styling addition in the promotion of their new looks.  The offbeat line is loved by the ModCloth crowd, focusing on quirky, vintage feel pieces.  Colored tights peeking under straight leg crop pants?  Please, these clothes are taking major fashion risks.  Who would have thought geek-inspired glasses would be so edgy?

Looking for the perfect frames for your own fashion experiment?  
Robert Marc 251 (above) and 252 (below).  I own 252 in
 "jungle" green, and the fit is great!  My face is a difficult
shape for glasses, so I was really pleased with
 the versatility of this frame.
I can't recommend Robert Marc more as an option for this trend.  Their frames fit very well even on petite faces, despite being deep enough to embrace the over-sized look of current trends.  Remember, the vertical depth should be large, but your eyes should still be centered in the frame. 

Not wanting to invest in ophthalmic glasses?
For low prescriptions or frequent contact
lens wearers, try embracing this trend 
with sunglasses.  Warby Parker's Everett
frame below is a great sun option! The tortoise print jumps off the page, but remember, when seen against your skin, the colors are going to be much more muted than they look in photographs or even on display in an optical.  That's just one more reason it is better to try glasses on before investing.

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