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Amanda Seyfried in red
It's that time of year again.  Flex spending time.  If you have some excess funds needing to be spent before the new year, don't forget that prescription glasses (ophthalmic or sunglasses) qualify for medical expenses. Now is a great time to get a back up pair of glasses if you wear contact lenses most of the time, or add some color to your wardrobe by investing in a fun pair of glasses if you are ready to branch out.
Zoe Saldana's Lenscrafters ad; makes me want
new red glasses
Color is really my favorite part of wearing glasses, and the biggest reason that plastic (or zyl) frames continue to be all the rage.  If you are a person that tends to stick to the status quo in their fashion statements, trying out a different pair of glasses can be an easy place to start.  The great thing about glasses is that you don't need to wear makeup or jewelry or a really crazy outfit to pull interesting glasses off.  They become and instant focal point on your face, and why wouldn't you want to draw people's attention to your eyes?

These are some of my favorite Westbrook glasses.  They
actually almost fit.
What to look for:

The last thing you want to wear are loud, colorful glasses that are overwhelmingly too big or too small for your face.  You are going to look like Russell Westbrook real quick if you combo color with a terrible fit.  Make sure your eyes are centered in the middle of the frame, both horizontally and vertically.  You also want to find a complimentary face shape.  Round frames look best on people with square faces, and vice versa (see my posts on how to fit glasses for more details). A trained optician will be able to determine your face shape, and make appropriate suggestions to the fit that works for you.

Try experimenting with color, and you may find that the pair of "extra" glasses that you got for a fun change will quickly become your favorite pair!

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