Glasses Fashion: Once Upon A Time

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I know this is an old episode at this point, but I am a slow television watcher.  I probably would never see any TV shows if it weren't for DVR or Hulu.  Anyway, I was very happy to see Once Upon a Time's main character Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) sporting a sophisticated glasses look in the episode Tallahassee.  It was interesting that directors styled Emma's criminal past with glasses-- a look that in the past would have been relegated to just "dorky."  That's how far we have come, people!  Want to make a character look edgy and mysterious?  Put her in super trendy glasses of course!

Emma's criminal, car-thieving look can be achieved with similar styling from a personal favorite: Robert Marc (below).

Black frames can be difficult to pull off for people with fair complexions, so I recommend going with a thinner frame and temples to prevent theglasses from becoming over-powering.  In today's world of over-sized glasses, proportion is always key!

Looking for television inspired male ocular fashion?  Once Upon a Time suggests eyeliner:
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And who are we to argue?

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  1. Hello!
    Very interesting post and I agree with u!
    Do u know the brand of the glasses worn by JM in that episode. I'm french and I just watched the episode and love the glasses but can't find the information.
    Hope you can help

    1. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down this information! I will keep looking and update the post if I ever succeed.

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