NBA All-Star Glasses 2013

12:04 PM

Better late than never I suppose.  I've been meaning to post last weekend's NBA All-Star recap all week, and believe me, this year still delivered plenty of source material.  It seems the popularity of glasses has not waned for our nation's foremost basketball stars.

Here's the best:

Kevin Durant's outfit may be suspect, but he always gets the most flattering fit on his glasses
LeBron James' polarized sunglasses also have a gradient tint, which is quite popular this season (changing from darker at top to lighter at the bottom).  Lot's of glasses being sported by his groupies in the background too,

I actually don't think Russell Westbrook's glasses are that bad here! He's getting better at using more appropriate ly sized frames
James Harden takes home the prize for best glasses style in my book -- great fit, well-proportioned shape. His beard makes a very rectangular face shape, so the more rounded frames balance things out nicely.  However picked these frames for him: job well done.
Teammates, and masters of the NBA glasses trend.  Russell has really come a long way; he even pulls off the very hard to wear clear plastic frames here!

Everyone's glasses styles were so much improved this year, I found hardly anyone that misfired on the size and fit of their glasses.  Even Carmello's difficult to wear round frames are an appropriate fit to the size of his face -- just a very hard shape for anyone to look great in.

Carmello Anthony's round sunglasses are a difficult shape for anyone to pull off.

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