New Lotemax Gel: the Lotemax we all love, but better

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I am a huge fan of both Alrex and Lotemax, and there are some major changes going on at Bausch and Lomb that could make Lotemax an even more useful tool in your arsenal  The suspension version of Lotemax as we know it is no more.  Instead, Lotemax is being relaunched as a gel formulation.  I was confused at first too--- this is different than the recently launched Lotemax ointment.  The new gel formulation shouldn't cause visual blur, doesn't come in a tube like an ointment, and has all the same applications of the suspension drop with a few major upgrades:

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-No more shaking!  Your patient will get the same, full concentration when just squeezed straight out of the bottle
-70% less toxic preservative BAK than original Lotemax.  This is a major plus when treating your inflammatory dry eye and SPK
-the pH is now 6.5, closer to the pH of the natural eye, making the drop more comfortable upon installation
-the formulation also includes glycerin and propylene glycol which are common ingredients in artificial tears

FDA studies have approved the new gel for post-surgical inflammation, but just like Lotemax suspension off-label uses can vary case by case for inflammation, dry eye, and allergies.  I've yet to write my first Rx for Lotemax gel (awaiting some patient rebates to arrive at my office) but all of the data indicate that this is going to make Lotemax even more potent and useful for treating lingering inflammatory issues.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Bausch and Lomb in any way.

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  1. I can't wait to see you perhaps blog about this Dr. L! :)


  2. I was prescribed Lotemax for eye pain, burning, crying, itching and swelling of my eyes due to allergies. I felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF! The sclura (white of eye) felt comfortable instantly, I havent had any burning, itching or tearing in 5 days.....only draw back is its a steroid and can only used for 7 days.....