Spring 2013: Safety Inspired?

8:59 AM

In honor of New York Fashion week, it's time to role out the styles featured this past fall for the Spring 2013 season.  Safety glasses seemed to be a big inspiration for several designers, which is a sentence I bet that most of us thought would never be formed. Oversize glasses are reaching new extremes in this case.  I don't expect any of these looks to really take off, but the latest from the runways tend to sneak into daily wear in more subdued versions.  Here's a look at this spring's futuristic safety-inspired eye wear:

For your patients that do need safety glasses, this trend may help that old box of safety glasses you keep in the back room look a little less dated and sad.   The best part of oversized sunglasses?  They offer full protection from the sun, protecting even the side of your face and all eyelid skin from harmful UV rays and greatly minimizing your risk for skin cancers in those areas!

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