Local Sunglasses Fashion: Carolina Charm

4:06 PM

Time for another local blogger that is truly embracing the message here with the Eyedolatry Sunglasses Initiative.  Christina at Carolina Charm  is a huge supporter of sun protection.  She even blogged about her daily routine to here.  What I love about featuring a lifestyle blogger like Christina is that she is showing us that sunglasses aren't just about fashion.  They are a product that she wears for function and protection, and fashion is the frosting on top.

What does Christina look for in sunglasses?

"When shopping for new sunglasses it is important my shades meet 3 requirements. First, I wear my sunglasses daily so they must be cute and trendy. Two, they must have maximum UV protection. And three, they must be inexpensive because I tend to misplace a few pairs throughout the summer. My latest pair of sunglasses are the Merona Rubberized Tortoise Sunglasses from Target. Not only does this pair meet all my requirements they have been my favorite yet!"

If you are in the market for OTC sunglasses, remember the guidelines for making your purchase.  Like Christina states, they MUST be 100% UV blocking to be worth your money, even if they are inexpensive!  For more key points when buying over the counter sunglasses, this guide reviews all the fine points that I discuss with my patients.  And remember, if you pay for vision insurance, you can use your insurance benefits for prescription sunglasses too because they are medical devices.  Just another way to protect your eyes,get the great fashion we all desire in sunglasses, while saving money at the same time since many of us are already paying monthly for vision benefits or putting funds away in flex spending accounts that must be used by the end of the year.  So many of my patients don't realize that sunglasses count for their insurance benefits, but as long as your doctor prescribes them (and there is no reason not to!) then you can get them covered.  Some insurances require there to be a minimum prescription inside sunglasses to be covered, but your insurance company or any optical that accepts insurance will be able to investigate your plan for you.  There are so many ways to purchase sunglasses; just don't give yourselves any excuses to not protect the eyes -- whether you buy them or you apply insurance benefits, there is not reason to not invest in 100% UV protective sunglasses for the long term benefits of healthy eyes and clear vision.
Points for double protection!!  Sunglasses protect the eyes from
direct light and the hat protects the eyes from overhead light, as
well as the rest of the face.

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