Glasses Fashion: Project Runway All Stars

9:53 AM

Thursday night's Project Runway All-Star finale had all a girl could want:  lots of clothes, at least one of Elena's high pitched panic-squeals, and a polarizing winner.  And it had a lot of glasses too:

Seth Aaron's winning collection above was inspired by the drama of Spain, but obviously the designer's personal appearance as well.  Seth has been no stranger to a bold pair of oversized black zyl frames.
Seth Aaron in center sporting his trademark look of the season via
 While the look may not be suited for everyone, you have to admit it makes a bold statement.  And that's what glasses are all about looking at 2014.  This is not the tame to have your glasses fade into the background.  Color, proportions, details -- they are all about "too be noticed" this season.  I look forward to featuring some of the best looks of 2014 with features from fashion bloggers, and fashion forward optometrists over the coming months. In 2014 there is only one rule in glasses -- embrace your glasses; make them bold and make them you!

Interested in finding a similar look?  Tom Ford's collection offers several stand-out options:

via Eye See Euphoria

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  1. His glasses are frames only, no lenses! It was really weird to see on All Stars.