Academy Awards 2014 Glasses Fashion

10:51 AM

There was a ton of great eyewear on stage Sunday night at the 2014 Academy Awards, and here's a recap of some of the night's best looks.  Meryl Streep was really the only female holding strong wearing her glasses with her red carpet look, but for the men, glasses were a very common accessory!  Black frames were the overwhelming favorite, likely since more colorful glasses might have looked too casual for black tie affair.

Director Steve McQueen has been wearing similar black zyl frames all award season for a statement look via
Bono performed his song "Ordinary Love" at the Oscars, and sported amber colored glasses on the runway, but switched to blue (below) for his performance.  Colored lenses have been a recurring fashion statement for him (see his Golden Globes look!) via
Directer Martin Scorsese wore his traditional lined bifocals (non-adapt to progressives anyone?) via 
For me the biggest glasses style-star of the night was Lupita Nyong 'o's brother, Peter.  He was a scene stealer in every photograph (even that laboriously staged Ellen selfie below). via
You can just make out Meryl Streep's subdued metal frames in the background.  But just look how sharp Lupita's brother looks in this photo.  His glasses are fit perfectly, an A+ job by the optician.  Meryl's glasses style goes without commenting; she has always done a wonderful job pairing glasses with her awards outfits.  via

Even if you weren't an Oscar's attendee, the after party crowd had even better eyewear style!
Seth Rogen's rimmed glasses had that vintage-inspired look that is very popular at the moment.  Two-toned frames are still all the rage in men's and women's wear. via
Never one to be upstaged, Elton John's look was two-toned at its' wildest.  Bold, but these frames are very wearable on a daily basis since the black fade at the bottom balances out the loud pop of red at the top of the frame.  This keep's the focus at the top of the frame where your eyes are centered. via 
And I really loved this picture of our favorite comedians acting up.  Yes, that's Amy Poehler possibly enacting an invisible keg stand?  But Megan Mullally's and Andy Sandberg's black zyl frames are what made me post this picture.  Black frames really stole the show on Sunday night, showing versatility for both men and women.  If in doubt, black always looks sophisticated.  via

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