Fashion in Focus: Fade into Fall

8:00 AM

photos via Melissa DeLorme Photography
The glasses trends of 2014 have been pretty resounding: cat-eye has been back with a vengeance, and even if you were at first tempted to think "been there, done that," it may be time to reconsider.  Whether you choose to mix in metal details or go with bold color pairings, cat-eye frames are feeling new again because designers aren't relying on the shape for the visual interest.  If you really want to embrace everything that is 2014 this fall, you can't go wrong by selecting a cat-eye shape with a color effect.  For today's post, our featured cat-eye frame has a two-tone fade effect, where the darker brown color near the top fades to clear plastic towards the bottom of the eyepiece.  If you are someone who has tended to stick with rimless frames, going with light or clear tones is a great way to try the more fashion-forward plastic frames without feeling caged inside your glasses.  The last thing you want is a big black frame constantly disrupting your peripheral vision if you are used to seeing no rim at all.  Totally clear plastic frames can be quite difficult to wear, however, since they can easily skew towards safety-glasses in appearance. Utilizing a slight color fade to break up a clear plastic can be just what you need to successfully pull of this look!

Need some frame inspiration to achieve your cat-eye fade effect for fall?

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, try the horizontal cat-eye fade by Cutler and Gross
Or try the fade effect in sunglasses with these Vera Wang cat-eyes

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