New Daily Disposable Contact Lens: Clariti 1-Day

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There is no denying that the contact lens world is all about daily disposable lenses, and with CooperVision's recent acquisition of Sauflon, they added a new option to their growing line of single wear lenses.  The Clariti 1 Day lens (also called Fresh Day) is a silicone hydrogel single use lens that is available in spherical, astigmatism, and multifocal options.  This marks the first "family" of silicone hydrogel daily use lenses to be available from any company.

At a Glance (Clariti 1Day Spherical)

8.6 BC
14.1 mm Diameter
+8.00 to -10.00 power availability
86 Dk/t

What Makes This Lens Different


Silicone hydrogel materials are the most breathable on the market, but they tend to have issues staying hyrdated for many people.  The Clariti 1 Day lens is formulated to offer that outstanding breathability that keeps eyes healthy, and also provide that all day comfort that contact lens wearers need.

Claiti 1 Day Dk/t (oxygen transmissibility):86

  • By comparison CooperVision's other dailies have much lower oxygen transmission, with Proclear 1-Day coming in at 36.6 Dk/t and Clearsight 1-Day with 24 Dk/t
We know silicone hydrogel lenses offer superior oxygen levels to the corneal surface, but the hydrophobic (water repelling) silicone in the lenses can lead to end of day comfort and wetting issues.  The solution is Clariti's "AquaGen" technology that alters the silicone polymers into becoming hydrophilic.  This allows the tear film to better adhere to the surface of the lens and retain that natural moisture as the day progresses.

A more moisturized lens means a smoother surface for your eyelids as you blink across your contact lens throughout the day.  Typically lenses with lower coefficients of friction are considered to be more comfortable due to this blinking issue.  Graph from Sauflon
Other comfort perks include a a lower modulus lens material (a softer, more flexible feel to the lens) and higher water content than any other silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens on the market today (Dailies Total 1 and Acuvue TruEye).  The lens also boasts Class II UV blocking for added sun protection (98% of UVA and UVB rays blocked).

My Review

I have worn the Clariti 1 Day lens for one week now, and every time I put the lens in I am surprised by the initial comfort.  Upon insertion the lack of lens awareness is very comparable to the contact lens I typically wear, Dailies Total 1.  Comfort was very good until the end of the day for me, and I was able to get a good 14 to 16 hours of wear every day before I needed to take the lenses out.  Keep in mind that I am extremely sensitive about contact lens wear and I would expect the average wearer would be much less critical.  Am I turning in my Dailies Total 1 lenses?  Absolutely not.  But at this price tag (around $60 for a 90 pack), the Clariti 1 Day lens offers a very affordable alternative.  By comparison, a 90 pack of Dailies Total 1 retails for around $95 and a 90 pack for Acuvue TruEye retails for around $83.  CooperVision is planning to launch its own premium single use contact lens, MyDay, in 2015 in the States, and it considers that product to be the future rival to Dailies Total 1's premium lens dominance.

Take Home: A great lens for the price!  If you are experiencing dryness, redness, or comfort issues this lens is worth exploring.

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  1. Do you think these are better than Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus? I have been having issues with DACP ripping in my eyes when I wear them sometimes. My eye doctor told me that they recently got these in, along with Dailies Total 1. She is hoping one of them works for me, otherwise I will be out of contacts for awhile as I have GPC.

    1. Definitely worth a try. This lens, Dailies Total 1, and Acuvue 1 Day Moist all score very high for having a "slick surface" or in medical terms a low coefficient of friction. That should create less rubbing between your GPC prone inner eyelid lining and the contact lens!