Glasses get a New Lenz Frenz

7:00 AM

Ever wished that you could make wearing glasses more fun for your child or pediatric patient? Luckily glasses are a lot more stylish than they used to be, but there is still often a stigma that children associate with glasses wear that can make achieving their best visual performance and development a daily struggle.  Luckily Texas based Lenz Frenz has an answer -- turn your glasses into something you share with your new stuffed animal friend!

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Lenz Frenz are stuffed animals that have a patent-pending hard case enclosed in a secret compartment in the back to serve as a glasses case, so that when a child isn't wearing their glasses they are safely stored within their toy.  Sleeping over at a friend or family members house?  Having to spend some time away from home for illness or medical treatment?  The Lenz Frenz can be slept with just like any other stuffed animal, safely storing your child's glasses inside so that you don't have to worry about misplacing them during the time away from home.  The stuffed animals also feature plastic or velcro temple pieces, so that your Lenz Frenz can also wear your glasses if you want to share the love.  

Originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lenz Frenz has 6 different stuffed animal designs for glasses and smaller keychain versions for contact lens storage.  You can order any of the available designs from their website, and typically will be processed with same day shipping!  Many opticals and hospitals are now offering Lenz Frenz throughout the US and Canada, so you may be able to find them locally as well.  

Co-founder Molly Lofthouse created Lenz Frenz as a way to help bring joy to children that may find the process of dealing with glasses or contact lenses more difficult or stressful.  She reports great customer feedback with children ages three to ten, but even tweens and teenagers may enjoy the keychain sized contact lens carriers.  Every month on their Facebook page, Lenz Frenz shares the story of a child and their  glasses with a monthly appointed Ambassador program -- a child that is enjoying the benefits of great vision with glasses wear and sharing the experience with their Lenz Frenz stuffed animal.  

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