Stephen Curry's Sports Vision Training

7:00 AM

Did you see this interview with last year's NBA MVP, point guard Stephen Curry?  Curry is not only one of the NBA's best shooters, but his ball handling skills make him an elite passer and give him the ability to create his own shot (which is probably going in, let's face it).  One of the key aspects to Curry's off-court training is his sports vision/vision therapy program.  Check out his flashing light drill where Curry has to respond to different colored lights on a screen while dribbling a ball.

The degree of difficulty of Curry's sports vision training is astonishing.  While dribbling he responds to different cues from colored lights.  One color of light tells him to switch his handle and he has to reach out and touch the trigger with his opposite hand, all while maintaining his dribble of course.  A different color might signal a crossover dribble, or a pass to someone standing to his side.  Sometimes this same person standing off to the side in Curry's peripheral vision is holding up different numbers of fingers that Curry must call out correctly, yes, all while dribbling and still responding to the flashlights.  These peripheral players may even toss him back a pass from time to time that he needs to catch between his flashlight responses.  Sound overwhelming?  Many vision therapy specialists support the idea that these skills are difficult but trainable -- visual awareness, reaction time, hand/eye coordination, peripheral visual processing, etc.  Some of us might be innately better than others, but all of us can improve if we practice and "build" these skills.  And the great thing about sports vision training is that it can be completely customized to your sport, your position, and your personal strengths and weaknesses.  Just search vision therapy or sports vision specialist optometrists in your area and you can find a doctor who can help you develop your skills too -- be it for better classroom performance, on-the-field performance, or both.
Interested in the drills Steph Curry uses? The FitLight Trainer system can be used in endless new combinations to train peripheral awareness and hand/eye or even foot/eye coordination. Check it out here:
 If you have a sports vision success story please share your link with us!  I'd love to feature more vision therapy information on the blog!

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