Glasses Friendly Costume Ideas

7:00 AM

Need a little last-minute inspiration for your costume this weekend?  Your glasses don't have to be in the way for your costume; you can make them a vital part of your look!  Here are some of my favorite ideas for the season that are all about your eyewear.

Clark Kent/Superman can be cute at any age -- but he needs his glasses to complete his disguise via
Have some round frames on hand?  It's Harry Potter's signature style via
Cousin It: layer lots of Dollar Store hula skirts for the "hair" and top off with your favorite pair of sunglasses.  Just make sure you can see through those skirt straws.  via
You could also use a large alarm clock or a toy clock at your house to make this White Rabbit costume via
Instagram-famous Trotter the French Bulldog seems to have an endless collection of doggie costumes (glasses included of course). via

Hipster cat probably doesn't really love wearing glasses though, let's be honest. via
I love how these oversized sunglasses really add to your classic bumblebee costume.  via
Sure if you have safety glasses you could be a scientist.  But why not be a Jurassic Park scientist while you're at it with a quick trip to the toy section (or your kid's toy box). via
Ok, I'm not going to even pretend this is last minute.  But aviator sunglasses are essential if you are going as a pilot this year. via

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