CooperVision Discontinues 2 Lenses; Biofinity Toric XR Set to Launch Spring/Summer

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Lot's of announcements with the start of 2016 at CooperVision, including the impending nationwide launch of the lens we've been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for -- Biofinity Toric XR.  For patients with high amounts of astigmatism, CooperVision has been the only company providing soft contact lens options that aren't custom order for this community for years. But Frequency 55 Toric XR is limited by its' low oxygen permeability (Dk/t is 15.7 in this lens -- other monthly disposable lenses on the market typically have numbers over 100), and the more updated extended power range option Proclear Toric XR isn't much better at 30.9 Dk/t.  Proclear Toric XR has also been notorious for easy ripping, a headache for patients and your doctors!  Biofinity Toric XR will be the first lens that isn't custom order that is made in a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material (Dk/t for Biofinity is 116).  This higher breathability is a needed improvement for patients that have suffered scarring or corneal health changes from the lower oxygen materials they've been stuck with due to their high prescriptions in the past.  The lens has been launched on a very limited initial roll-out already (about 400 offices nationwide), but is slated to be released nationwide between April and June/July.  Here are the details:

Biofinity Toric XR
Power Range
  • Sphere +10.00 to -10.00 (0.50 steps above +/- 6.00)
  • Cylinder -2.75 to -5.75 (in 0.50 steps)
  • Axis  0 to 180 (in 5 degree steps)
  • in Rx ranges from +8.50 to +10.00 cylinder axis is only available -0.75 to -2.25 at this time
Discontinued Lenses
CooperVision discontinued two older hydrogel lenses with the start 2016 effective immediately:
  • Frequency 55 Sphere  (1 month disposable)
  • Vertex Sphere  (2 week disposable)
Please note that Frequency 55 Aspheric was not discontinued and has not been slated for such at this time.  No toric lenses were discontinued, so Frequency 55 Toric and Vertex Toric are still currently available.

This lens is now discontinued, but Frequency 55 Toric and Frequency 55 Aspheric are both still available. via

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  1. Thanks for the info, an optometrist told me to look out for these but I could barely find anything by Googling, so I am glad I found this blog post :). I am currently wearing Coopervision Vertex Toric with it's anemic 17.9 Dk/t, hoping these will work out better.

    1. Thanks and I corrected the url link above to take you straight to the press release!

  2. I haven't been able to find a replacement for the Frequency 55's since my last pair in January. Seems like no lenses manufacturer has a base curve of 9.0 & 14.2 Dia....sigh. I've tried Biofinity, Acuvue Vita, Biomedics Premier, & Acuvue Oasys and all leave me with dry red eyes.

    1. Proclear lenses may be a good option to try next with your doctor. Most of the lenses you've tried since Frequency 55 were silicone hydrogel, so perhaps going back to a hydrogel would feel more comfortable to you. There are several daily disposable hydrogel options on the market.

  3. Hi! I wear the Vertex Sphere in a 6.25. I am currently trying the ProClear in a 6.50, but I can tell it is too strong. What would you recommend? I have tried the Air Optix, but those irritate my eyes.

    1. Air Optix is the only lens available in -6.25 that's not custom order. You can try Proclear -6.00 to see if that's acceptable vision, or a custom order soft lens like Extreme H2O or C-Vue products to get a -6.25 if that's essential to your visual clarity.

  4. The CooperVision I bought in 2017 still ripped like tissue paper. I will NEVER but CooperVision again.