Choosing Frames for Oval and Long Faces

8:47 PM

Selecting the most flattering frame for an oval face is a cinch – basically any frame will look great on you!  Think of the oval face shape as the “universal donor” of the glasses world.  So are you one of the lucky few who have the quintessential oval characteristics?

Attributes of an oval face are:
1. The length of the face is longer than the width.   Look for certain facial traits like a longer forehead.
2. The jawline and cheekbones are softly rounded in appearance. 

For more guidance take a look at our celebrity examples below.   Beyonce Knowles and Megan Fox both possess oval faces.
Beyonce Knowles (picture from
Megan Fox demonstrating how oval faces look great in unique frame designs! (Photo from wireimage)
Remember, there are really no styles to avoid for the oval face, so my suggestion is to experiment with bold shapes and colors.  One of my favorite frame designers for unique shapes and a rainbow color palate is the Danish-based Prodesign.  Just about any color you can imagine is included in their frame line, so have fun exploring your artistic side.
Prodesign Model 4615 in eye-catching Ruby

For Long Faces: If you have a longer oval face, like Sarah Jessica Parker below, you can use frames to create a focal point that “cuts” the length of your face in half.   Deep set plastic (zyl) frames work best for this.  Look for a frame that is longer vertically to mask your longer facial dimensions.  
SJP has a long oval face so deep set frames (like BCBG Jenna below) can work to break up the appearance of vertical length. (photo from top-people)

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