Looking for a White Coat?

8:56 PM

We've all read the debates on whether or not we should wear a white coat, and I completely agree that it is a personal decision.  You can look entirely professional and gain the respect of your patients wearing blue jeans, but it's a little more of an uphill battle.

When I first started practicing, I didn't wear a white coat. Mostly because the coat I owned made me look like a little girl playing dress up.  It was at least three sizes too big, fell to my knees, and I had to roll the sleeves to keep them from looking like arm tents.  Patients were constantly asking my age, or how many years optometry school was.   I needed a new look that brought some sophistication to my staple doctor's coat.

I suppose I could have sport this white coat, but I don't think having
student doctor emblems on the sleeve would have helped my cause!
Melelita Ellody:  a great fit and durable feel
That's when I sought advice from a fellow optometrist, who encouraged me to try out Medelita.  (NOTE I am in no way being paid for this post, and I paid full price for the coat that I purchased from them).  If you an optometrist or medical professional looking for the ultimate white coat, I cannot recommend this product more.  They have a "Teflon" infused material that resists stains and spots.  It can be machine washed and dried, so no expensive dry cleaning trips.  For women, the sizing is superb.  You can get anywhere from size 00 to 16, and the fit is nice and tapered.  Many of the options come with free embroidery, so your coat can be personalized with your name.  There are even multiple color options to match your office's color scheme.  For an extra charge, you can submit your own logo to be incorporated.

Tons of personalization options, at no extra charge!

I'll be the first to admit, this coat is not cheap.  My coat was $118, but honestly, the quality is worth it.  When you feel the fabric for the first time, you will understand what I mean.  This is a coat that will last for years, doesn't look wrinkled all the time, repels stains, and actually fits!  Try it out if you are in the market for a great white coat!

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