Not Just For Summer Whites

7:00 AM

White glasses and sunglasses were all over multiple designer's collections for the spring and summer, but I don't see white leaving us when Memorial Day hits our calendars.  White glasses are so bold and graphic in a world where colorful plastics have dominated eye wear for the past several years. We traditionally associate whites with spring and summer, but making a bold statement is in style every month of the year.  Here are a few good reasons to bring white into your wardrobe, even if you are looking ahead into fall fashion.

Mixing white with gold is always a winning choice.  Gold metal accents always transition well into fall and winter because of the warm color palate that we typically associate with these seasons.  If you break down the color theory, by pairing white (a cool color) with gold (a warm color) you are achieving a look that should be great with any outfit, any skin tone, and any season.  via

I know they are rather avant garde, but I have been a huge fan of Prada's collection this year featuring oversized plastics with large gemstones.  Where the loud color combos used in other sunglasses in this collection can look almost juvenile (bright yellow sunglasses and cobalt blue bedazzles anyone?), the white on white look is much more sophisticated.  It could look great even with a white wool coat, scarf and hat in the middle of winter.  via

I would wear these glasses every day if I owned them.  Literally every day.  When I saw them on Eye See Euphoria, it was just love at first sight. The art deco-inspired detailing over the browline is a nod to another major trend in eyewear, making this pair of glasses really fashion forward for the moment. via
Round is not leaving us any time soon, and as the trend sticks around more and more people are beginning to dare to try it.  If you want a younger and more fun look, then you need to go big with this trend.  Oversized plastics in round shapes are almost cartoon-like, but there is no denying that you are making a statement.Wildfox Round White Sunglasses via
If you like the idea of white round sunglasses, but want a more mature and sophisticated route, look for a frame that is more delicate in size.  Round glasses are always going to look very graphic because you are creating a new shape on your face, so keeping the size smaller and the color more subdued can make round glasses actually wearable for the average person.  These Rochas frames are a really understated take on the trend, and therefore much more wearable than your average round pair of glasses via

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