Fashion in Focus: Seeing Red for Fall/Winter 2014

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If you are going to buy one pair of glasses, please buy tortoise shell, black, or a a blendable neutral. But if you are going to buy two (or more) pair of glasses, then this post is for you.  I wear glasses at least 5 days a week, so having a few fun pair in my rotation is essential.  I honestly don't think you can make a better choice on your second pair of glasses than to go bold on color -- and red glasses are my statement of choice for fall and winter 2014.

If you are unsure that you can pull off a bold color, there are a few ways to make a statement without going overboard. Here are some easy guidelines to streamline your decision

  1.  Pick one thing that you want to showcase with your glasses fashion.  Here, we are picking color.  
  2. Choose a simple shape.  Oversize cat-eyes or round glasses are going to be much harder to pull off in a loud color.
  3. Select a well fitting frame that is appropriately sized for your facial features.  If you are needing some inspiration for finding the right shape for you, check out my posts about face shape and frame selection. 
  4.  Choose a solid look.  That means avoid pattern mixing or competing details if you want a more subtle statement
The take home?  If you stick to just one focus, your bold color look can be really quite understated. These Prodesign frames in red are a great example -- bold colors don't have to be scary.

Want to steal Dr. S's look?  Prodesign Denmark frames are incredibly fashion forward and high quality, and one of my favorite brands.  Check out Prodesign models 1704 and 1705 to find the best shape for your face.  And of course, Prodesign is the champion of color so you will have plenty of color wheel options to explore.  Or you could pick red because you already know how good it will look.

Prodesign 1705 via 

All photos in this post are courtesy Melissa DeLorme Photography

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